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A revolutionary building concept for the most famous brands in the world : Brandsbuilding

This concept offers the prominence of a landmark : a building which integrates the identity of a brand into its design, while forming the design of its logo when seen from the sky.

The potential is enormous : the first clients will shape their own legend. « Architecture has aspired to be universal ever since ancient times. This concept transcends the brand and takes it as close as possible to this universality, and most probably to a level of fame that has never been reached.

The values of durability and longevity, embodied by the architecture, consolidate the brand image of the company, its stature and its permanence, and establish the brand in an international cultural dimension.
But what is more, these buildings will leave spectacular marks within our increasingly dense and iconoclastic megacities. Seen from the sky, they will mark a plot of the Earth.

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Nota bene : Certaines des réalisations photographiées ci-dessus ont été réalisées par la SARL VIELLIARD ET FASCIANI ARCHITECTURES 

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